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New Album "FULL CIRCLE" Reviews





George Gritzbach, roots, R&B, Singer-songwriter has played with such musical greats at B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, Dr. John, John Lee Hooker, and others in a variety of venues: nightclubs, performing arts centers, festivals, and more. Over the years, he has toured US, Canada, and Europe, his solo acoustic  album, “The Sweeper,” was released on labels in Europe. 

With The George Gritzbach Band he is accompanied by experienced rhythm section musicians: Scott Lariviere on bass and backing vocals, Johnny Menezes on keyboards and Christian McCarthy on drums, percussion and backing vocals. To complete the heavyweight team, the group also features Peter Murray on saxophone. 

 The Washington Post called Gritzbach an “exceptional songwriter” and described a recent CD as “as good and surprising as he is in person, with wonderful original material and knock-out slide guitar work.” The Boston Globe called Gritzbach a “sizzling hot, no-holds barred electric bluesman” and “one of the finest guitar players in America.” Frets Magazine wrote “exquisitely gritty and gravely on one cut, mellow and clear on the next...excellent vocal style."

The studio release of “Full Circle” has garnered praise from across America and around the globe: 


On his sixth studio album, Gritzbach conjures up the spirit of time-honored blues made popular by greats B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Eric Clapton, while rejuvenating the sound for an immersive lyrical experience abbreviated by the all engulfing backing of his talented rhythm section.


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George Gritzbach and his band of top-notch players have the chops to blow you away down at the blues club or even opening for greats like B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray but their latest album Full Circle also delivers what many tend to ignore, great songs. The album offers a wide range of moods from classic rockers to sultry back alley slow jams with lyrics that go beyond the overdone blues tropes. In addition to the top-tier musicians in his band, the record features harmonica master Jerry Portnoy who toured with Clapton and was a fixture in Muddy Waters band. 

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Gritzbach is a true talent. His gift comes from deep within and is as natural as the flowing water and falling rain. It’s not forced or altered. He’s the real deal…This collection of all originals by George Gritzbach is one of the best I’ve heard all year. It’s a must to add to your collection.

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George Gritzbach's album 'Full Circle' fulfills in many respects the expectations you have of a new release from a master songwriter and musician...The production is smooth without losing the music's vitality. If your groove is classic rock and blues, you can't go wrong with this release.” (ESC,

“His voice is all his own – authentic, husky, bluesy and deeply soulful. The songs are meaningful and beautifully arranged and with all these amazing musicians making these songs rock it’s hard to find a track that isn’t just as good as the last...George Gritzbach is old-school meaningful. A storyteller with a million stories to tell and a gorgeous voice to tell them...George Gritzbach is old school meaningful.  A storyteller with a million stories to tell and a gorgeous voice to tell them.

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“The collection of beautiful songs has opened a new page in the work of George Gritzbach...Listen to the full album 'Full Circle'...and experience the sounds of real American music.” ( 

“...the surety of the instrumentation and the aptitude for songwriting (and even production) displayed on this album are not easily come by...Gritzbach knows a thing or two about churning out hits.” ( 

“Blues-based songwriter George Gritzbach is really showing off his talent with his sixth studio release...Gritzbach ties in other blues subgenres amongst flourishes of originality through album ‘Full Circle,’ keeping the listener on their toes and wondering what will come next.” (Jamie Parmenter, 


Gritzbach crafted an emotionally driven, but equally liberating and lighthearted, collection of Blues, roots and R&B songs on ‘Full Circle.’ The record highlights the artist’s musical talents throughout its 10 tracks, which feature relatable, innovative perspectives and moods. The songs’ lyrics, vocals and backing instrumentation are so relatable and heartfelt that they won’t be soon forgotten.


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